USD/JPY – 10/30/2011

Japanese Yen hit all time high 3 consecutive days since last Wednesday. So we are wondering when JOB’s intervention takes place. I don’t think the intervention won’t efficiently work if BOJ accords some kinds of means with other central banks or Governments. The market size is huge compare to Swiss Franc, no one control Japanese Yen without consensus of World. The problem for Japanese Yen is no one feels inconvenient high appreciated Yen, but Japanese export oriented companies.
We are going to take look what the intention of BOJ on this high priced Yen in next week. Also we are going to face hectic eco datas from over the world, G20 summit, few central bank’s bench mark rate decision, and yes, NFP. I think most traders concern these events other than Japanese Yen.
I believe if EUR will be higher above 1.4000 level, Yen together will mark all time high again next week.


投稿者: fukudealer

FX dealer, not day trader. I trade rather follow trend. Now intersted in Android tab and phone. Mac user as well


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